A simple way to change.

We sought to design the best period panties. But what we ended up designing was the best panties. Period. For all the reasons women desire to change and feel comfortable in their underwear, we're glad Blooms can make your daily routine a little easier.

Active Days

Change out of your underwear after a tough workout. Blooms are moisture-wicking and odor-resistant.


Love camping, taking trips, and exploring the world? Blooms makes it easier to feel fresh anywhere you are.

Periods & Emergencies

Blooms is your emergency spare pair. The absorbent lining is leak-proof, and you can change out of them more conveniently than other period panties.

Mobility issues

Sometimes changing is difficult because of physical restraints. Blooms allows women to change without lifting their feet or taking off their pants or shoes.


Made from super-soft confortable fabric with stylish details. You’ll want to wear Blooms everyday.


honest reviews from real customers


Liberating women with change in every facet of their lives.

We were inspired to share a simple idea - an underwear designed to help women feel liberated from awkward and frustrating moments. But as time grew, so did our message. We now are turning those moments into an empowered feeling, that represents something beyond the product itself.

We believe in innovation that serves a much bigger purpose. 

Our Story

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