"It all started with a moment of frustration."

Sarah, the inventor of Blooms Privé, shares what inspired this revolutionary product.

"This is so annoying…and uncomfortable!”

I was teaching a yoga class in my studio and could feel my panty liner shifting.  It was a very hot day in San Jose, California and you could feel the summer heat in the studio.  Everyone was sweating in their asanas (yoga poses), including me.  On the outside, everything looked fine.  I didn’t mind sweating, but what really bothered me was how uncomfortable I secretly felt!

“Could anyone tell?  Could anyone see how badly I wanted to leave the room and change?”

Probably not.  But I knew.  I was completely distracted.

I experienced a moment many women can relate to.  It was that time of the month and my panties weren’t prepared for it.  Nor were my brand new yoga pants.

After class ended, I ran straight to the women’s restroom.  The panty liner didn’t help at all.  I didn’t have a spare pair of underwear with me.  So guess what I did?  I reluctantly drove back to my house to change.   An hour gone.  An hour away from work.  An hour spent to take care of one simple thing.

But this wasn’t a one time frustration.  It was a frequent distraction.

In the summer days of opening our yoga studio, I learned so much about the importance of comfort and convenience for women who were constantly on the go.

I learned that feeling comfortable was more important than looking great, any day. I learned that periods, incontinence, sweat, discharge, or just simply wanting to feel fresher can happen to us at any moment.


The A-Ha! Moment

Shortly after my frustrating panty incident, an idea hit me.  I froze mid-step when I realized the answer to my problem.

The busier and more active I became, the more frequently these experiences occurred.  Whenever there was a need to change, it was always at an inconvenient time.  In between teaching my yoga classes, attending meetings, picking up my kids from school, and running errands, I had no time to change my clothes.

I wanted an easy way to change my underwear at a moment’s notice.  And I wanted the entire process of changing underwear to be convenient, quick, and sanitary.  Imagine if changing into clean underwear was as simple as changing a feminine pad.

The idea struck me…detachable underwear!

I walked back to the office to ask my sister-in-law (also my business partner/co-founder), a question.  Would she wear detachable underwear that she could change into, any time of day, without having to get completely undressed?

Yes, I’d definitely wear it!” she exclaimed.  “I carry extra underwear in my purse all the time.  My periods are heavy and I never know when I’ll need clean panties.”

And that's when Blooms was born!

"Well, now I can change, but where do I put my old panties?"

I realized that using Ziplock bags for my underwear was no longer going to work.  That's where the hidden pocket comes in.  It's one thing to have the freedom to change any time, anywhere . . . but where do you put your old pair?  The sewn hidden pocket allows for discreet packing and storing of panties, both for clean pairs in your purse, and for used pairs, stored away until they're taken home to be washed.

We also decided that absorption was important to help prevent moisture from showing through underwear until you're able to change.  So, we made Blooms Privé available in two lining options: light and heavy absorption.  It takes the concept of period panties up a notch.  You no longer need to sit in your period panties for an entire day -- you have the freedom to change!

Thank you for listening to my story, and joining us on this journey to honor the sacredness of women.

- In gratitude, Sarah