Our Story

We are #freetochange.

We are driven by a purpose to help women feel comfortable throughout their busy days. Life is full of challenges, but having the freedom to change whenever we want, as discreetly and safely as possible, is paramount.

Sarah's story

It all started with a moment of frustration.

I was teaching a yoga class in my studio and could feel my panty liner shifting. It was a very hot day in San Jose, and you could feel the summer heat in our yoga studio. Everyone was sweating in their asanas (yoga poses), including me.

Could anyone tell how badly I wanted to leave and change? Probably not, but I knew, and was completely distracted.

I experienced a moment many women can relate to. It was that time of the month, and my panties weren't prepared for it – nor were my brand-new yoga pants.

In the summer days of opening our yoga studio, I learned so much about the importance of comfort and convenience for women who are constantly on-the-go.

I wanted an easy way to change my underwear at a moment's notice, and I wanted the entire process of changing underwear to be convenient, quick, and sanitary. I started making my own underwear using panties and bra hooks on the sides for easy detaching. I sewed a hidden pocket to fold the panty in for easy storage. The next day, I wore my sample and brought a spare pair to change at work. The change was so easy and felt so refreshing. I made more samples and gave them to the women at my yoga studio. They couldn't believe how simple and practical this idea was. They carried it everywhere with them and shared stories of how they changed in places that were inconvenient. Soon enough, I knew this was something all women had to experience. That's how Blooms was born!

Sarah CHEA
Founder & CEO

Sarah started her career in the high tech industry, but her passion for fashion and wellness lead her to build her own startups -- Lotus Premium Denim, Live Lotus (yoga studio), and Blooms Privé. Since developing the Lotus brand in 2011, the unified mission has been to help women look and feel beautiful, inside and out.

Marie Coronado
Cofounder & Director of Sales

Marie has decades of retail management experience at Victoria's Secret and BCBG, and co-founded Lotus Premium Denim with Sarah. With her keen eye and multitasking abilities, she manages the retail operations and merchandising, and directs the Ambassador program at Blooms Privé.

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